Should you trust Dr. Google?

The truth is, pain is complicated. If pain was straight forward, we would all be pain free. Our bodies are unique and different and we need to treat them as such. Two people with the exact same symptoms will likely respond differently to the same treatments and exercises.

Sure, you can plug your symptoms into Google and you will get a list of possible causes. Sometimes this can be helpful, but it can also open Pandora’s box and create unnecessary concern or anxiety. You might find the right diagnosis, or it may lead you to worry about many severe conditions that you don’t actually have. You can also find stretches or exercises. Now the question is, is this exercise or stretch helping me or hurting me? Is this a good pain or a bad pain? Am I doing it properly? How often should I do them? How many repetitions should I do or how much resistance should I use? And so on…

At Bodyworks Physical Therapy, we help you find the source of your pain, we discern the contributing factors (soft tissue tightness, muscle weakness, referred pain or localized pain) and address them with a customized treatment plan. Don’t trust Dr. Google. We are here to help!